Welcome to the About Page for Rooms & Reckonings: An Acting Podcast! Like a lot of podcasts these days, this one started during quarantine. I was trying to use some of my downtime to read some acting theory books. I combed through Patsy Rodenburg's "Right to Speak." I took copious notes and started doing some of the exercises. As I continued through the book, I realized what I needed was a deep conversation with a friend about acting techniques and ideas. Usually, these conversations take place after a few drinks in a bar, but since we can't go to bars and get drunk and see friends, I figured talking into a mic over Zoom with a friend (both of us sober) was the next best thing. And since we'd gone that far, I might as well record, edit, and market the conversation. Now, this is a podcast for a wide-range of theatre artists. Maybe you’re an actor trying to learn new techniques or revisit old ones. Maybe you’re a director trying to get a better handle on the mindset of actors. Maybe you’ve become the de facto drama teacher at a high school and you need resources for exercises or games or ideas to inspire your students. Maybe you don’t have infinite time to read the countless theory books out there while exploring what system works for you. Whatever your reason for listening, you’re welcome to join the conversation at Rooms & Reckonings.